April 04, 2010

Five Ways to Be Green For Less

Green has become synonymous with more 

expensive.  Here are five ways to be more green 

for less money.

1. Paperless billing. Today, while newspapers are
floundering across the country online informational sites
continue to grow. Today we pay our bills, check up on
our friends and family, watch TV, and get recipes online.
Switch over your bills to paperless billing. Not only do
some companies reward you for not having to send
you a paper bill in the mail every month, but we are
using less paper, less energy, and making less waste
every month.
2. Free Ads. Nothing tops the strange satisfaction of
getting something for free. With websites like CraigsList,
Freecycle.org, and local newspaper ads, there are
plenty of resources for items in good condition that are
absolutely free of charge. You’ll also be surprised how
easily it is for you to give away things you no longer
need anymore. Instead of tossing your old dining room
table, list it for free and give someone else the chance
to be as mindful as you are.
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3. Make your own. While organic whole wheat bread
may push five dollars a loaf at your local health food
store, it costs just a fraction of that amount to make it
at home. Not only will it make the house smell amazing
but your family members might be so impressed they
won’t even miss going out to a restaurant instead.
Making smart food choices does not mean throwing
away every box of mac and cheese hiding in the house,
but incorporating healthier items too.
4. Antique. Getting complimented on decor does not
have to mean maxing out credit cards at the local
furniture and home decoration store. Thrift stores,
vintage shops, antique dealers and consignment stores
are great resources of home decor at a fraction of the
new price. Not only is buying a piece of furniture from
an antique shop going to cost you less money but it will
be better manufactured. You will also be supporting
local businesses instead of giant furniture stores who
import their products overseas. I always get more
compliments on my antique pieces rather than my new
ones. Vintage is very popular right now, and mixing
and matching is the key to a nice home design, and a
greener attitude.
5. Be Romantic. I know what you’re thinking: romance
is expensive. Things like a candlelit dinner, a walk at
sunset and showering together are not only romantic,
they’re green! Snuggle up in winter and turn down that
thermostat just a few degrees. Making dinners at home
warm up the house as well as the heart. Watching a
movie together on the couch is a fraction of the cost of
going to see a movie, plus the food is healthier and you
won’t need to drive to get there.
Green doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us know your
ideas for doing green on the cheap.

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