Meet the expert

Larry got involved with the environment and the impact 
cleaning products were having in mid 2009.  After starting a cleaning contractor business and seeing that
the products the industry was using were dangerous to
his employees as well as his clients he began to 
educate himself about the effects.  After spending a good deal of time reading it became obvious it was time to help educate the community on cleaning products and sustainability issues.  The Dream2clean blog was created in early 2010 as a mode to help educate not only his clients but the community as a whole.  

My name is Larry Rickman.  Dream2clean is a new  venture formed in the fall 2009 after recognizing that the residential/commercial cleaning business in the  Reno, NV market provided few opportunities for clients to get  what they wanted, how they wanted it,  and when they wanted it.  We have seen the lack of  creativity and service as an opportunity to serve a  clientele that expects the best.  As the owner of  dream2clean I bring 17 years of retail management  experience dealing with clients across the country.   I always expected the best from my associates, only  hired the best, and insured they received proper  training in client service.  Several years ago I read a book titled “The Dream  Manager”.  In the book the author states, “Contrary to unwritten management theory and popular  practice people do not exsist for the company.  The  company exsists for the people. When a company  forgets that it exsists to serve its customers  it quickly goes out of business.  Our employees  are our first customers and our most influential.”   Based on this and my collective experience as a  leader in the retail industry Dream2clean was formed. My pledge to you as a client is: I will always be available to help make your life easier, to help solve your homecare concerns, and to ensure the quality of the service we  provide.  That is my pledge.  If I can be of service please  feel free to contact me: