April 28, 2010

Experience Life without Laundry Soap

Laundry soap is one of the worst items in your home for the environment; care to know all the dangers click HERE to read more. Suffice it to say there are toxins in the laundry soap and it costs money.  What if you could practically eliminate laundry soap?  Would you spend $30 to save $300-500?  I found this product through a friend on Facebook and frankly was astounded I had not heard of it before.  Read on; 

By:  Allison Edwards

Tired of buying laundry soap?  Worried about where all of those suds go and what they do to the environment?  Have allergies or sensitive skin that can’t stand soap on your clothes?  Well, stop wasting, worrying and itching and experience the revolutionary LAUNDRY BALL.  With this ball that looks more like a dog toy than a laundry device, you can reduce your consumption of laundry detergent by 75%--or COMPLETELY.  Simply place the ball in the heart of the washing machine--no bleach, no fabric softener--and NO SOAP.  Now, if you have just returned from burning man, camping for a week or you are a mechanic, you may still want to use some soap, but you only have to use 1/3 of what you would usually use! The best part?  It lasts for 1,000 washes--on average 2 years!  Imagine not buying laundry soap for two years....

So, how does this product work?  During the washing cycle, the 3 different ceramic pearls inside the ball create a friction that reinforces the cleansing properties of water and softens the textile fibers to make the impurities easy to remove.  These little pearls actually raise the pH level of your water--which is essentially what detergent does.  They also release the emission of infrared rays and negative ions which increases the molecular motion of the water--to be scientific.  All  you really need to know is IT WORKS.  The only special instruction is that you must place the ball in the sun for 2-3 hours once a month to “re-charge” it.  Then, plop it in the machine and let it do it’s job for a month.  If you have a difficult stain, I suggest pre-treating it with our netepur stain removal soap.

So, for the past year I haven’t used soap on our clothes, towels, sheets--even my son’s cloth diapers!  Water is the cleanser that nature intended--use it!

For more questions, please contact Allison Edwards, Independent Leader, H2O at Home at 775-223-3097 or allie71103@gmail.com.  Check out the laundry ball and other eco-friendly home care solutions at www.myh2oathome.com/allison

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