April 14, 2010

All Purpose cleaner or Bone Marrow Risk?

A recent look at the side of a bottle of 409 All purpose cleaner led us to do some research into the chemical makeup.  But rather than share with you the breakdown of each component of this product we decided to just share what the Material Safety Data Sheet says (readily available to everyone);

·         Special Hazard Precautions: 
o        Eyes - Irritation
o        Skin - absorbed
o        Exposure to Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether will cause blood & bone marrow damage
o        Targets Organs:  Skin and Eyes
o        May cause chemical burns w/permanent corneal injury & Sensitization skin
o        Severe irritation; Corrosive, Chemical B

Have you ever been in the habit of reading the labels on products? Frankly understanding the chemical makeup was a little like taking a calculus exam after studying 6th grade math.  Not only do they make it impossible to read and understand but it takes a degree in chemistry to understand what those chemicals are. 

So in an effort to make it easy for one to understand the dangers of off the shelf everyday cleaners we will put it in layman's terms; they aren't good for your health.

In today’s world green alternatives exist, but unfortunately those items aren't run on a commercial loop telling us to use them; unlike 409, Windex, Pledge, and many other cleaning products.   Do your homework; if you can't pronounce the name of the ingredients why are you spraying it on your food prep surfaces, where you eat, or where you take a bath?

By:  Larry Rickman
Dream Green – News from the front lines of the Green (R)evolution

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