May 24, 2010

Non-Toxic Consumer Revolution

What can you do?  Don't buy products that have bad chemicals in them.  Become aware and vote with your dollars!!  If we can get enough people on the web to "revolt" we can change the corporate mentality that we are all blind followers and will consume whatever they put in front of us.    READ THIS!!  Tell everyone to post the picture below on their blogs, websites, etc.  Lets change the world one person, one product, and one corporation at a time.  WE CAN make a difference!


  1. Because of your posts, and the information you're sharing, I've learned quite a bit about the toxicity of "everyday" products. My shopping list is forever changed. Thank you, Larry, for all you do.

  2. Wow...thanks Judy!! That is why I do what I is the key and until folks take the time to read and learn what they are putting into their bodies we will continue to see a public that is unhealthy. We get our news from commercials...not from reading anymore.

    Thanks again Judy...