February 11, 2010

What does "Green" mean?

Are there some green cleaning products that are greener than others? Just what makes green cleaning products environmentally friendly anyway? There are several things.

First, they should not contain harmful chemicals like phosphates, borates or nitrates; you know, the things that kill the plants and wildlife exposed to the runoff.
Then, the ingredients that they DO contain should be truly biodegradable, breaking down easily and quickly into natural compounds like carbon dioxide and water.
And finally, the greenest of the green cleaning products are concentrated, meaning you add your own water to a small amount of the concentrate. This can keep hundreds of pounds of packaging waste from filling the landfills. It also drastically reduces the amount of weight being shipped cross-country, thereby reducing pollution related to the movement of freight.

Options:  Shaklee products
    • Many concentrated products that will last for a very long time in a home setting

               Active Ion
    • Purely water the most green you can get

              Bio Green Clean:
    •  100% Plant Derived
    • 100% Hypoallergenic!
    • NO Harsh Chemicals
    • NO Dyes or Colors
    • NO Artificial Ingredients
    • NO Perfumes or Fragrances
    • NO Chemical Residue
    • NO Animal Testing
    • NO Peroxide
    • NO Ammonia
    • NO Bleach

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