January 24, 2010

Tips for caring for marble

Cleaning and Caring for Your Marble
Bill Brennan

No one can dispute the fact that marble is a beautiful stone and an elegant edition to any d├ęcor; marble flooring makes an exquisite statement and a marble countertop is a real eye catcher. However, it does require some looking after to maintain the shiny, translucent, polished finish we demand.

Although marble is a stone it is actually quite soft and can be scratched and dented relatively easily. It is also very porous and as such will stain easily. It is also easily etched by contact with acid; even your everyday food items like wine, orange juice, cola and vinegar can damage your counter.

In order to maintain your marble in a pristine condition it is imperative that you wipe up spills immediately. Don't place glasses or bottles directly on the surface otherwise you will be left with ring stains; always - let me say that again - always use coasters.

For general cleaning the recommended method is to wipe down the area with a damp, clean cloth like a chamois. Use lukewarm water and wring out the cloth out extremely well. Immediately wipe dry with another soft cloth to avoid streaks.

Marble sealers can be applied to prevent your surface from staining, but get expert advice before applying to ensure it is the correct product for your countertop.

A marble wax is also available; however it may cause white marble to yellow and should only be applied with consultation from an expert.

After time your marble may become dull, it can be revitalized with a commercial marble cleaner and commercial polish. Once again buy this from a reputable company that deals in marble, to ensure the correct product.

If your marble is severely scratched, dented or stained then it is time to contact a professional. Putty powders and other products can be used with electric polishers to restore your marble. Contact a tombstone or marble products company for advice and consultation.

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